This Alien Shore

9780886777999 - Pocket (mass market paperbound) -

This Alien Shore
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  • Bokinformation
  • Titel This Alien Shore 
  • Författare Celia S Friedman 
  • Förlag Daw Books 
  • ISBN-10 0886777992 
  • ISBN-13 9780886777999 
  • Format Pocket (mass market paperbound) 
  • Utgivning 1999-07-01 
  • Sidor 564 
  • Storlek 174 x 107 x 37 mm 
  • Vikt 282 g 
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It's the second age of space colonization...

The first age, humanity's initial attempt to people the stars, ended in disaster when it was discovered that Earth's original superluminal drive did permanent genetic damage to all who used it - mutating Earth's far-flung colonists in mind and body.

Now, one of Earth's first colonies - a world called Guera - has givem humanity back the stars, whose mysterious abilities allow them to monopolize galactic transporation, giving them control over all human commerce.

Powerful companies from dozens of planets vie to be the first to topple Guera's stranglehold on the stars, for to unseat the Guild would be worth any risl.

And on Shido Habitat, a corporate satellite in Earth's outer orbit, lives a girl named Jamisia. Protected by her biological brainware systems, and accompanied by the many voices in her head, she has grown into a resourceful, if unusual, young woman. When Shido is viciously attacked by corporate raiders, Jamisia flees to a ship bound for the Up-and-Out. But this narrow escape does not mean safety for Jamisia. Speeding across the galaxy pursued by ruthless but unknown adversaries, Jamisia must unravel the mystery of her identify and her importance. This odyssey of self-discovery will lead her to uncover a secret which is buried deep within her psyche - a revelation the universe may not be ready to face...