The Lair of Bones

9780765341075 - Pocket (mass market paperbound) -

The Lair of Bones
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  • Bokinformation
  • Titel The Lair of Bones 
  • Författare David Farland 
  • Serie The Runelords 
  • Del 4 av 9 
  • Förlag Tor Books 
  • ISBN-13 9780765341075 
  • Format Pocket (mass market paperbound) 
  • Språk Engelska 
  • Utgivning 2005-02-01 
  • Sidor 480 
  • Storlek 172 x 107 x 30 mm 
  • Vikt 225 g 
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Here is the thrilling and moving culmination of The Runelords saga.

Prince Gaborn, the Earth King, has defeated the forces arrayed against him each time before: the magical and human forces marshaled by Raj Ahten, who seeks immortality at any cost, and has given up his humanity in trade: and the inhuman, innumerable, insectile hordes of the giant Reavers from under the Earth, whose motives are unknowable, but inimical to human life.

Now there must be final confrontations, both on the field of battle with the supernatural creature that Raj Ahten has become, and underground, in the cavernous homeland of the Reavers, where the sorcerous One True Master who rules them all lies in wait - in the Lair of Bones.

The survival of the human race is at stake.