The Stone and the Flute

9780140074451 - Storpocket (Paperback) -

The Stone and the Flute
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  • Bokinformation
  • Titel The Stone and the Flute 
  • Författare Hans Bemmann 
  • Förlag Penguin USA 
  • ISBN-10 0140074457 
  • ISBN-13 9780140074451 
  • Format Storpocket (Paperback) 
  • Språk Engelska 
  • Utgivning 1988-08-02 
  • Sidor 855 
  • Storlek 197 x 130 x 49mm 
  • Vikt 693g 
  • Översättare Anthea Bell 
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'The bearer of the stone does not know all, Fluter, he is very far from knowing all.'

In the country of Fraglund lives a young boy called Listener, a boy destined to inherit a precious stone and a magic flute which will help him to understand life's deepest mysteries. This is his story.

As a young man, Listener is blind to the true value of his gifts. Before he can fully appreciate them he must endure many years of adventure and misadventure in his travels beyond Fraglund: with Gisa, evil mistress of Barlebogue castle; as servant to the minstrel Barlo and later as a minstrel himself; with the beautiful and ambitious Narzia, whose magic will committ him to the life of a faun; and with Arnilukka, in whose eyes he finds the colours of his mysterious stone.

As he grows older, Listener slowly realized that his life is caught up in a web of connections far deeper than he had at first presumed.

'A journey which is reminiscent of the great sagas ranging from Homer through the Arthurian legends and the quest of the Holy Grail... highly recommended. - Newsday