The Barbed Coil

9781857235685 - Häftad (paperback) -

The Barbed Coil
The Barbed Coil - Thumb 1The Barbed Coil - Thumb 2
  • Bokinformation
  • Titel The Barbed Coil 
  • Författare J V Jones 
  • Förlag Orbit Books 
  • ISBN-13 9781857235685 
  • Format Häftad (paperback) 
  • Utgivning 1998-10-01 
  • Upplaga New ed 
  • Sidor 688 
  • Storlek 177x108x40mm 
  • Vikt 355 g 
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When Izgard of Garizon put on the Coil and crowned himself King, he set in train a course of tumultous events that would reverberate around the continent. For the Coil must have blood.

And the first blood to flow is that of Berick of Thorn, the legendary conqueror of Garizon. His son, Camron, wants revenge and knows that Izgard can only be stopped by force of arms. He seeks out the man who knows most about Izgard's murderous hordes - Lord Ravis, a ruthless mercenary with a dark and secret past.

And Tessa McCamfrey is about to become caught up in this dangerous and exotic world - with the piratical Ravis, a beautifully patterned gold ring and the momentous events that unfold.