Blue Dragon

9780061994135 - Pocket -

Blue Dragon
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  • Bokinformation
  • Titel Blue Dragon 
  • Författare Kylie Chan 
  • Serie The Dark Heavens 
  • Del 3 av 3 
  • Förlag Harper Collins 
  • ISBN-13 9780061994135 
  • Format Pocket (mass market paperbound) 
  • Utgivning 2011-10-01 
  • Sidor 588 
  • Storlek 152 x 101 x 31 mm 
  • Vikt 272 g 
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When Emma's relatives come to visit her, they are totally freaked out by what they learn ... Emma's beloved, John Chen, is a 3000 year old Chinese god. Not only that, John is becoming weaker by the day. Demons pursue him relentlessly, hoping to use Emma, and his child, Simone, as bargaining tools against him.

Emma battles to defend Simone as John's energy is drained by the effort of both living in the mortal world and protecting them. While Emma is nagged by doubts about her own nature, she must find the courage to go on ...