Dragonbone Chair

9780886773847 - Häftad (paperback) -

Dragonbone Chair
Dragonbone Chair - Thumb 1Dragonbone Chair - Thumb 2
  • Bokinformation
  • Titel Dragonbone Chair 
  • Författare Tad Williams 
  • Serie Memory, Sorrow and Thorn 
  • Del 1 av 3 
  • Förlag DAW Books 
  • ISBN-10 0886773849 
  • ISBN-13 9780886773847 
  • Format Häftad (paperback) 
  • Utgivning 1999-01-01 
  • Upplaga New ed. 
  • Sidor 783 
  • Storlek 175 x 107 x 32 mm 
  • Vikt 380 g 
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A war fueled by the dark powers of sorcery is about to engulf the peaceful land of Osten Ard - for Prester John, the High King, slayer of the dread dragon Shurakai, lies dying. And with his death, an ancient evil will at last be unleashed, as the Storm King, undead ruler of the elvishlike Sithi, seeks to regain his lost realm through a pact with one of human royal blood.
Then, driven by spell-inspired jealousy and hate, prince will fight prince, while around them the very land begins to die.

Only a small, scattered group, the League of the Scroll, recognizes the true danger awaiting Osten Ard. And to Simon - a castle scullion unknowingly apprenticed to a member of this League - will go the task of spearheading the quest for the solution to a riddle that offers the only hope of salvation, a riddle of long-loist swords of power... anda quest that will see him fleeing and faceing enemies straight out of a legend-maker's worst nightmwares!