Temple of the winds

9780812551488 - Pocket -

Temple of the winds
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  • Bokinformation
  • Titel Temple of the winds 
  • Författare Terry Goodkind 
  • Serie Sword of Truth 
  • Del 4 av 14 
  • Förlag Macmillan US 
  • ISBN-13 9780812551488 
  • Format Pocket 
  • Språk Engelska 
  • Utgivning 1998-03-01 
  • Upplaga 1st mass market ed 
  • Sidor 822 
  • Storlek 172 x 105 x 40mm 
  • Vikt 380 g 
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Everything Richard Rahl has learned will be for naught as the ruthless Emperor Jagang returned with his vast legions.. heralded by a mystical plague that kills innocents in the thousands.

Richard must now challenge the undefeatable: the magic that thwarts magic, sealed away for three thousand years in the Temple of the Winds.

Prodded by prophecy, shadowed by betrayal, to complete his mission Richard must accept the Truth and find a way to pay the price the winds demand... before he and the world both perish.