Last of the Wilds

9781841495163 - Häftad (Paperback) -

Last of the Wilds
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  • Bokinformation
  • Titel Last of the Wilds 
  • Författare Trudi Canavan 
  • Serie Age of the Five 
  • Del 2 av 3 
  • Förlag Orbit 
  • ISBN-13 9781841495163 
  • Format Häftad (Paperback) 
  • Språk Engelska 
  • Utgivning 2007-01-18 
  • Upplaga New e. 
  • Sidor 624 
  • Storlek 179 x 109 x 35 mm 
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Although the architect of the White's victory, Auraya feels no joy. Her days are spent trying to reconcile the Dreamweavers and the priesthood, while her sleep is filled with nightmares. The dead haunt her and the only one she trusts to help has vanished.

Still struggling to come to terms with the increasingly powerful memories of the long-dead Mirar, the Dreamweaver, Leiard, flees into the mountains with Emerahl, perhaps the last of the Wilds. Emerahl is powerfully gifted, and helps Leiard to make sense of his strange jumble of memories.
What they discover will change his life, and the world, forever . . .

Trudi Canavan continues her new fantasy adventure, full of heroes, gods, magic and forbidden love.