A Memory of Light

9780765325952 - Inbunden (trade cloth) -

A Memory of Light
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  • Bokinformation
  • Titel A Memory of Light 
  • Författare Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson 
  • Serie The Wheel of Time 
  • Del 14 av 14 
  • Förlag Tor Fantasy 
  • ISBN-13 9780765325952 
  • Format Inbunden (trade cloth) 
  • Språk Engelska 
  • Utgivning 2013-01-08 
  • Sidor 908 
  • Storlek 254 x 165 x 57 mm 
  • Vikt 1133 g 
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When Robert Jordan died in 2007, all feared that these concluding scenes to the The Wheel of Time series would never be written. But working from notes and partials left by Jordan, established fantasy writer Sanderson now re-creates the vision that Robert Jordan left behind.
In the Field of Merrilor the rulers of the nations gather to join behind Rand al'Thor, or to stop him from his plan to break the seals on the Dark One's prison - which may be a sign of his madness, or the last hope of humankind. Egwene, the Amyrlin Seat, leans toward the former.
In Andor, the Trollocs seize Caemlyn.
In the wolf dream, Perrin Aybara battles Slayer.
Approaching Ebou Dar, Mat Cauthon plans to visit his wife, Tuon, now Fortuona, Empress of the Seanchan.
All humanity is in peril - and the outcome will be decided in Shayol Ghul itself. The Wheel is turning, and the Age is coming to its end. The Last Battle will determine the fate of the world.

For twenty years The Wheel of Time has enthralled more than forty million readers in over thirty languages. A Memory of Light brings this majestic fantasy creation to its richly satisfying conclusion.

Working from notes, scenes, and an outline left by Robert Jordan when he died in 2007, and consulting with Jordan's widow, who edited all of Jordan's book, established fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson has re-created the vision Jordan left behind.